Art and the Brain

Helene realised there was a major problem when she had her stroke but had to wait for 18months for a diagnosis and treatment.  The only person to comment on the changes in thought and expression was her 4year old daughter who would go into hysterics of laughter saying:  “You’re a Spaghetti Brain!”   “You’re a Spaghetti Brain!”  So it was that on commencing art “Spaghetti Brain” became a major subject – which gradually enabled people to enter that special world, (even though they were unaware of the context).

Her art initially depicted the spaghetti brain idea but gradually extended into sculpture and light.  A skull woven from cane, enclosing a right and left brain woven from coloured spaghetti, enclosed lights which cast shadows on the walls of a small room.    This meant that the viewer moved “inside” the sculpture – a part of the world of the spaghetti brain.  The work was not only beautiful but profound and served as a “model” for many other works which followed eg:  brain etchings, sculptures, embryonic “light art” and issues of perception.


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