Narrative Series 1987

When we halt time we create a single reference point.

From this point, a thread is drawn, woven and embroidered to form an intricate network - a tapestry of narrative.  Relatives and society tell us stories of who we are, where we came from, our place in the world and so on.  The embroidery forms a very complex “island”  –  “a self”

The tapestry is supported by and connected to varying forms of social structures.  If for some reason we lose this network of support (eg:  in a foreign country or outer space) not only has the support vanished but so too the incoming stories, creating the “Narrative of Me”.  These networks are individual …. We are islands in our narratives …. Outside our personal universe we are less than insignificant.

If completely isolated, there is then, no alternative but to dissect our narrative so we can again find the threads through time, examine them and recreate a new story.  We dissect our “self” and what happens then?


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